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A Brief Introduction Of Sewing Thread

Polyester fiber is a kind of high quality synthetic fiber, used to high strength of the joints, in all kinds of stitches after nylon thread, second, and did not reduce the strength when wet. Its small shrinkage, after appropriate stereotypes shrinkage is less than 1%, so the sewing stitch can remain flat is quite beautiful, no shrinkage. Wear resistance after polyamide. Low moisture regain, good resistance to high temperature, low temperature resistance, light fastness and water resistance. So, polyester thread is to use a very wide range of varieties, on many occasions, replace the cotton sewing thread. Polyester thread are very versatile and can be used for cotton, chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabric garment sewing, can also be used for sewing knitted garments. Special polyester thread or the fine lines of shoes leather industry.

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